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Intercom systems are fantastic for convenience and practicality. If you care about security, grandeur or time saving, an intercom could be an upgrade worth some serious consideration. If you have one already installed, it's likely you've already experienced some of the most common issues that can occur with this device. For those that use their intercom frequently throughout the day, pristine functionality can be incredibly important. Some issues can even get worse over time if left alone to develop, for this reason It's usually better to deal with things earlier rather than later.

Crackling and interference

Gate Intercom RepairIf you've had your intercom for quite some time, it's likely you've become quite accustomed to any crackling or signal disturbance that might be audible during a call. Once it is noticed, this malfunction can be increasingly irritating to put up with. This interference can be caused in a number of ways. It is most commonly an indication that the device is poorly fitted. Poor grounding, inadequate power supply, and other local devices creating the static are all possibilities. If you've recently had gate repairs conducted or an upgrade fitted, the setup may have been tampered with of disturbed in some way. The layout of the system can be tested and reorganized to identify and eliminate crackling completely.

The wrong design for your needs

Traditional intercom systems are great for screening guests or visitors by voice, but if you are away from home a lot or have a an active household other solutions may be more suitable. Keypads can offer great security while allowing people to enter without being buzzed. Codes can be handed out to family member or important guest. It means you can avoid voice calling and crackling all together. Another option is telephone entry systems (TES) over conventional intercom channels. TES allows the device at the front gate to ring a contact telephone number instead of just one receiver. This can prove hugely helpful for mobility, especially large properties or keeping all contact to one type of telephone device.

Expert gate repair

Garage Door Repair Burien offers extensive gate repair services as well as professional intercom repair and installation.

We can make sure your intercom is perfectly suited to your day to day needs and routines. 

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